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206, 2016

The Benefits of Having an Excavator Available to You When You Need to Dig

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The name of the game when you are trying to take on any DIY project that is of any magnitude is availability of equipment.  The more proper equipment that you have available to you, the easier any project is going to be to complete.  There are so many instances where we hire professionals to perform […]

205, 2016

Five Home Improvement Projects Made Easier With an Equipment Rental

By |May 2nd, 2016|Equipment, Home Renovation|0 Comments

Think about all of the DIY home improvement projects that you have attempted over the years.  What is the common theme with all of them in terms of their successes and their failures?  What you will find usually when you look back at these projects is that the equipment that you had at your disposal had a pretty big impact on your level of success with that project.  There are many DIY home improvement projects out there that we are fully capable of doing when we have the right equipment to help us along the way.  That is where we at DIY Rental come into play with our heavy equipment rental. […]

404, 2016

Details on the Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Your Home for Spring

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As time goes by, all homes are going to just start to look a little bit dirty.  This is pretty much a fact of all homes whether you have a home that is made of a brick exterior, has vinyl siding, fiberglass siding, among other types.  All homes are going to get hit with rain, wind, maybe even snow in some rare circumstances in the state of Florida and the Southeast in general.  When your home starts to look a bit dirty from those winter months, you may be looking for the best way to clean it and give it a fresh start as the spring months begin to roll in.  This is when it is great to be able to have access to a tool that is known as a pressure washer. […]

703, 2016

How to Clean Your Carpet Like a Professional With DIY Rentals

By |March 7th, 2016|Equipment|0 Comments

One of the things that we all struggle with as homeowners is trying to maintain all of the assets that we have inside of our home and out.  We work so hard to try and ensure that the house is painted, that the windows are clean and well-maintained, that interior walls are crack-free and in good shape, and so on.  Think about something such as a carpet that you have in your living room.  Does it look anything like it did the first day that you bought it?  It can be a trying experience putting in the time and the effort to make that carpet continue to look and function great a few years down the line when compared to what it looked like the first day that you had it installed in that living room.  There are thankfully things that you can do though to help make that carpet look as good as new again. […]

202, 2016

Demolition Made Easy When You Rent the Proper Equipment

By |February 2nd, 2016|Equipment, Tool Rentals|0 Comments

One of the most enjoyable projects that you will probably ever take on in your home or anywhere else that you are doing work is one that involved demolition.  The whole idea of just breaking something is always seen as fun in most cases.  Even thinking back to when you were a kid, it was always fun to build something up and then break it down.  The same can be said today when you have to do something such as knock down a wall, take down a series of cabinets, and so on.  Even though this is a do-it-yourself project that can be very enjoyable, it is also one that requires precision and requires a level of success that is going to make rebuilding that area that much easier.  This is when having the proper equipment really does come into play. […]

401, 2016

Using Ready-Mix Concrete and Rental Equipment to Pour That Perfect Jacksonville, FL Patio

By |January 4th, 2016|Equipment, Tool Rentals|0 Comments

There are many do-it-yourself projects around your home that you probably have the capacity to do, but are just lacking two important pieces of the puzzle.  These two things include the right materials, and especially the right equipment.  Think about a project such as a brand new patio that you would love to pour in your backyard.  You probably know what you are doing and how to do it, especially if you read up online and do some research beforehand, but how do you go about all of the other requirements?  How do you figure out the correct amount of the concrete that you need?  How do you even get all of this concrete to your home?  On top of that, do you have the equipment that is needed to assist you in being able to work with the concrete and pour an actual patio?  These are all areas where we at DIY Rental come into play. […]

712, 2015

The Benefits of Renting Landscaping and Irrigation Tools for Your Jacksonville, FL Home

By |December 7th, 2015|Tool Rentals|0 Comments

Landscaping and irrigation projects are very common across Jacksonville, FL.  If you live in the state of Florida then you live in a place where it is warm for most of the year.  You have seasons that are changing, but that grass always appears to keep on growing.  You have to be sure that you are doing your part to either hire a landscaper to come out and do the work, which can be expensive, or take the do it yourself approach. […]

211, 2015

Five Ways Renting Equipment Can Help You With Your Home Floor Care

By |November 2nd, 2015|Tool Rentals|0 Comments

We all have so many home improvement projects that we want to get to on a periodic basis.  That to do list probably never seems to end when it comes to keeping up with your home.  You may have to do things such as paint the windows, clean up the basement, change out light bulbs, work on a patio in the backyard, or care for your floors.  No matter what the task is that you are trying to complete, tool rentals can help you save time and money, and also make your work that much more effective.  This is especially the care when it comes to home floor care simply because of the equipment that is available and the results that the equipment can provide to you. […]

510, 2015

Tips for Calculating and Using Ready-Mix Concrete for Your New Backyard Patio

By |October 5th, 2015|Home Renovation|0 Comments

There are too many times that we limit the square footage of living space that we have to the area that is within the walls of our homes.  What we really should be doing is also factoring in that outdoor living space that we have, but may not be making the most out of.  One of the best ways to really use that outdoor living space is by making a new backyard patio.  A backyard concrete patio may sound like a pretty difficult feat to take on, but in reality as long as you have the right tools and the right materials, it is something that you can take on with a little bit of experience, no problem at all.  This is where we come in at DIY Rental.  DIY rentals Jacksonville can help get you set up with the ready mix concrete and the tools that you need to make that backyard patio everything you want it to be and much more. […]

709, 2015

Five Reasons Renting Landscaping Tools Can Help You Get the Job Done Right

By |September 7th, 2015|Tool Rentals|0 Comments

How many times have you seen the landscaping company come to the yard of your neighbor down the street and use all of this fancy machinery and all of these tools to make their yard look perfect?  You look outside at your yard and you wonder why it doesn’t look like that.  It is certainly not because of a lack of effort.  There is a lot to be said for having the right tools and the right equipment to be able to do a job properly.  When you are working with the right tools and the right equipment, not only does everything come out better, it is also easier to accomplish rom top to bottom. […]