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3 Renovations Your Home Needs this Summer

So many homeowners around Jacksonville choose to put their kids to work over the summer to help with home remodels. Hey, we don’t blame you! With the little ones out of school and summer vacation in full swing, there isn’t a better time to make those home updates you’ve been planning. 
Add an Accent Wall in […]

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How to Spruce Up Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is quickly approaching and you know what that means… It’s time for a little spring cleaning! It’s time to get to work on the projects you’ve been postponing, but wouldn’t it be nice to still find the time to enjoy the lovely weather? Here are just a few ideas for sprucing up your cleaning […]

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5 Quick DIY Projects You Might Just Enjoy

During the winter we tend to hibernate, especially here in Florida where we aren’t used to anything under 60 degrees. With winter fading away and warmer weather rolling in, spring is upon us, and you know what that means: spring cleaning. Some of us love it and some of us hate it. Regardless, it’s time […]

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Three Perks of a Concrete Driveway

Whenever you think about a driveway, you probably think of asphalt. You picture a company getting its machines and rollers out to lay and flatten the asphalt. Why hasn’t driveway construction evolved over the years?

Concrete is changing driveway construction in a unique and attractive way. There are plenty of benefits of a concrete driveway including […]

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How Using a Linoleum Stripper can Assist with a Floor Replacement

There are a lot of different steps that go into the replacement of a floor within your home.  When you are replacing the flooring that you have in a particular room in the home, you are going to have to get rid of the floor that currently exists. It is going to depend on the […]

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Ready Mix Concrete and How it can Help with a DIY Patio

Concrete is one of the most useful building materials in the world and is utilized for so many different things.  Concrete is used to build buildings, foundations, stairs, as well as patios.  As a homeowner looking for that next do it yourself project, pouring a concrete patio in the backyard of your home is the […]

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How Renting a Masonry Saw Can Help You With Your Next Tile Project


Doing any type of tile project in your home is going to require a lot of time, energy, and knowledge of the subject matter.  There are so many homeowners that think that it is very easy to take on a tile project in a do it yourself manner, but that is simply not the case. […]

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Four Reasons Why Renting a Bobcat Can Help You With Endless Projects


The great thing about having the ability to rent equipment, such as a Bobcat, is that it opens up possibilities regarding home renovation projects.  Do it yourself projects can be very enjoyable, as long as you have the right tools and equipment to make the project as effective and efficient as possible.  We at DIY […]

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The Benefits of Having an Excavator Available to You When You Need to Dig

The name of the game when you are trying to take on any DIY project that is of any magnitude is availability of equipment.  The more proper equipment that you have available to you, the easier any project is going to be to complete.  There are so many instances where we hire professionals to perform […]

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