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Home Maintenance

DIY Rentals You Need To Clean The Exterior of Your Home

Every reno-pro knows that a deep clean and a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a home. If you’re new to the world of DIY projects, our team is here to help you save some serious money (and have fun in the process!) While cleaning isn’t the most exciting do-it-yourself task, it is one […]

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The Best Rentals to Deep Clean Your Home For The Holidays

One of our favorite ways to spend money around the house this time of year is to get smart about home maintenance. The holidays can cost Jacksonville residents an arm and a leg if they aren’t careful. Between the exorbitant amounts of food and hosting holiday guests, it’s more important than ever to be wise […]

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6 Easy Projects to Complete Now that the Kids are Back in School

Getting anything substantial done while the kids are running around the house on summer break is just unrealistic. Clutter covers the floors, food is flung around the kitchen and toys line the driveway. When that first school bus pulls up and the kids are off for the new year, it’s finally time to get things […]

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