Fun home improvement projects are a great way to make your summer more productive than ever. Whether you live in a rental apartment or purchased a house years ago, there are countless ways to customize the space to make it your own. Before you pick a project to take on this year, it’s crucial to make sure you have the skill and tools to get it done. Here are three DIY upgrades you can tackle, no matter your skill level:

Build Your Own Window Boxes

Flower boxes are a whimsical way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Houses of all shapes, colors and sizes benefit from the look of fresh florals. The DIY Rental Team is here with a rough overview of this simple project.

Tools: drill, drill bits, hammer, clamps, sash brush, tape measure

Materials: cedar boards, concrete screws, wood filler, 2x4s, wood screws, nails

Instructions: Cut your cedar boards into 4 different lengths (3 pieces 8” wide and window length, 2 pieces 1 ¼” wide and window length, 2 pieces 8” wide x 11” long, 3 pieces 1 1/4″ wide x 5 3/4″ long). Then, cut your 2x4s into 3 8” long pieces. Interested in the next steps of this fun project? HGTV outlines the whole process right here

Replace Your Driveway with Concrete Pavers

This is one of the most valuable home improvement projects if you plan to sell your home. There’s just no better way to customize the exterior of your house than with beautiful pavers. Swap your dated, cracked concrete driveway with the stone or brick of your choice. Chat with the DIY Rental project experts to ensure you have the right tools for your job. 

Paint the Front Door a Bold Color

This is a simple task that requires just a paintbrush and a fresh can of paint. Homeowners from Nocatee to the North Side have fun with different paint colors when summer rolls around. A bright coral, understated navy blue and mellow orange are a few of our favorites. 

Contact DIY Rental Today to Save Even More on Your Project

Simple projects like these can quickly cost thousands of dollars when you hire a contractor. The good news is, they’re simple enough to complete on your own. Instead of spending your money on expensive tools, DIY Rental offers tool rentals to keep costs low. Contact us today for a free quote on the tools you need for the project you choose.