Every reno-pro knows that a deep clean and a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a home. If you’re new to the world of DIY projects, our team is here to help you save some serious money (and have fun in the process!) While cleaning isn’t the most exciting do-it-yourself task, it is one of the most important. Here are a few affordable rentals that will remove exterior grime in no time:

Pressure Washer

Even a machine as powerful as this is affordable when you go through DIY Rental. If you have a build-up of debris, pollen and dirt on the sides of your house, a thorough pressure wash is the solution.

We offer a 2700 model and a 4000 model. If you’re unsure how much power you need to cut through the dirt, our team will recommend the option that’s right for you. Renting this piece of equipment costs between $33 and $50 for a 4-hour rental period.

Lawn Mower

Many homeowners opt to invest in this staple, but renting a lawn mower is a great option if you’re flipping a house or only need to cut the grass periodically. Lawn mowers can cost up to $5,000 at a big-box retailer, so spending $23 every month to rent it is a much better option.

Like all of our tools, we rent lawn mowers in 4-hour or entire day intervals. Most lawns can be mowed in a couple of hours, so this budget option is a no brainer for smart homeowners like you.

Airless Paint Sprayer

Once the exterior is clean and the landscaping is beautiful, your natural next step is to update the color. Jacksonville residents increasingly gravitate toward bright, neutral colors like white for their home’s exterior. That’s where the airless paint sprayer comes in.

If you’ve never painted the outside of a house before, we have the skillset to walk you through the basics. From prepping the surface to painting the trim, your exterior paint job begins and ends with DIY Rental.

Clean Your Home the Affordable Way

Hiring a pro or purchasing equipment are easy ways to blow your budget. If you really want to save money and make your home look how you like, just do it yourself. Contact DIY Rental today to find the tools you need for your next project.