It’s impossible to deny the irresistible feeling of cozying up inside while the temperatures continue to drop. When the Jacksonville area experiences that first day of sub-50-degree weather, priorities begin to rearrange. Long beach walks and strolls through the neighborhood turn into baking cookies and pressing the snooze button. If you’re on the hunt for fun projects to complete while you stay warm indoors, we’re here with our favorite DIYs to take on this month.

Use Patterned Paper to Create an Accent Wall

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to brighten up a dull space in your home or office. Peel and stick paper is available at most home stores. Even better? Your neighborhood Target keeps plenty of fun patterns in stock.

All you need is your paper of choice, the right glue and a high-quality wallpaper steamer. Depending on the size of the wall, this project can easily be completed in a day. Pour some hot tea, stoke a fire and get to work!

Improve the Functionality of Your Kitchen with Smart Storage

Every home cook craves some sort of kitchen upgrade. Whether it’s a larger island or a better stove, there’s always something on a homeowner’s wish list. If you crave easier access to pots and pans, an organized spice rack or more room for serving platters, a storage upgrade is the DIY project for you.

Cabinet rollouts are a simple way to make every inch of your storage accessible. Head to your local hardware store to purchase the right size racks and some screws. Talk with DIY Rental about your project to pick the tools you’ll need.

Brace the Cold to Create a Fire Pit

This under $75 DIY project (yep, you read that right) is easy as it gets. Purchase 36 one-foot pavers at around $1 each, 20 smaller pavers at about 60 cents each and head home to get to work. If you need help lifting and loading, a rented dolly from DIY Rental gets the job done.

Arrange 12 pavers in a close-knit circle where you want the firepit. Arrange the next 12 directly on top, then the remaining 12 for your final layer. Each circle should get slightly smaller. Arrange the smaller pavers in a single layer inside your pit.

Keep Your Project Under Budget with the Help of DIY Rental

One of the main reasons people undergo DIY projects around the house is to keep costs low. If one of your top priorities is to stay under budget, look no further than DIY Rental. We save North Florida residents hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars by providing affordable tool rentals.

Unsure which tools you need for your winter DIY project? Contact our team today.