Life is too short to live in a home you don’t love. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need thousands of dollars to give your house a new look. The smallest improvements — when executed correctly — make all the difference for a home’s aesthetic. After you wind down from the busy holiday season, add a few of these simple DIY projects to your to-do list:

Give Your Backsplash a Boost

Achieving one of the most popular kitchen design trends starts with a carefully selected backsplash. Sheets of subway tile are one of the most affordable, on-trend backsplash options for your home in 2020. It’s as simple as buying your favorite tiles and renting the right equipment. Depending on the type of tile you purchase, you’ll need to rent the right installation tools from DIY Rental. Chat with one of our team members about your project to select the right tool.

Create Space with Strategic Shelving

What’s the key to added storage in small spaces? Floating shelves, of course. This simple DIY addition to your house is both beautiful and functional. Whether you choose to install them in your kitchen, bathroom or living space, floating shelves are a straightforward solution to the struggles of limited square footage. 

Swap Out Your Old Tile or Carpet

Trust us, people notice the flooring situation in your house. Stained carpets or damaged tile floors quickly jade the look of your living space. All you need is a few hours, the right tools and high-quality materials to swap out your outdated floor. 

It could really be as simple as steaming your carpets. Or, you could go all out and refinish your hardwood floors. Consult the online experts (YouTube, of course!), chat with DIY Rental and you’ll quickly have everything you need to refresh your flooring.

Great Landscaping is Key to the Look You Want

Make the conscious decision to customize your outdoor space in 2020. We promise it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to boost your curb appeal. Simple rented tools will lead to a manicured lawn, a paved walkway and a clean driveway. Tools like a pressure washer, lawnmower and hedge trimmer will work wonders for your yard space. 

Save Money as You Start Your New Year

No one wants to start 2020 in debt. An easy way to avoid high costs for home renovations is to rent the tools instead of buy. Instead of splurging on a hedge trimmer that you might use four times a year, rent the tool for as little as $24. Yep, it’s that affordable. Reach out to the DIY Rental team today to find the tools right for your renovation project.