One of our favorite ways to spend money around the house this time of year is to get smart about home maintenance. The holidays can cost Jacksonville residents an arm and a leg if they aren’t careful. Between the exorbitant amounts of food and hosting holiday guests, it’s more important than ever to be wise with your expenses. If you’re due for some lawn upkeep or home renovations, the DIY Rental team is here to help you keep costs low with a few simple tips.

Use Low-Cost Methods to Give Your Yard a New Look

Laying sod, planting pretty flowers and repaving your driveway are surefire ways to boost curb appeal. Outdoor work is always on the to-do list before guests come in town, and there’s no better way to do it than with tool rentals.

DIY Rental has all of the power tools you need to complete your outdoor projects this fall. From a fertilizer spreader to ready-mix concrete, we’re your one-stop-shop for outdoor maintenance tools.

Return Your Tile Floor to its Original Color

You know that faint shade of yellowish-brown on your tile and grout lines? Yeah, that’s not part of the look. Most homeowners put off the task of deep cleaning their floors until the absolute last minute. If this sounds like you, we promise some high-tech tools will help ease the pain.

A professional-grade floor polisher/buffer is exactly what you need to get the job done. Use this alongside some quality cleaning products to restore your floor to its original state.

Sort Through the Mess in Your Garage

This is where a rented lot blower, ladder and floor polisher come in. Garage clean-up is most homeowners’ least favorite task. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most necessary. Clear out the clutter and then take on the dust, debris and tarnished floor.

In the need for a bit more space? Install racks from the ceiling to hold storage bins. Another great way to add space in the garage is to install bike racks and a hose hook to one of the walls.

Keep Costs Low and Partner with DIY Rental this Season

Don’t put off your home maintenance until the week your in-laws arrive. Help maintain a stress-free holiday season and get a jumpstart on your chores today. Reach out to DIY Rental for all the tools you need to clean your home this holiday season.