We hate to break it to ‘ya, but summer is winding down and it’s almost time to prep for fall. Summer in Jacksonville is certainly a whole lot longer than what the rest of the country experiences. While everyone else starts to bundle up in September, we still rock our bathing suits and shorts. The hot summer weather makes it the perfect time to finish up your indoor DIY projects. Here are a few of our favorites to prepare you for fall:

Add a Fireplace Mantel to Display Your Seasonal Decor

A DIY shabby chic mantel is the perfect way to breathe life into an outdated fireplace. This simple project can be done for less than $100 and will only take you a few hours. If you have no experience with woodwork or carpentry, this project is a good place to start. 

All it takes is pine board, stain, your favorite tiles and a few tools to give your fireplace a whole new look. We love surrounding the fire opening with painted brick or contemporary tile. Use a dark stain to perfectly tie your new mantel into your new backsplash.

An Accent Wall is So Much More than a Bold Paint Color

The best accent walls use unique materials to make the room pop. Some household favorites include white shiplap, rustic brick and textured wallpaper. Depending on which style you choose, there are plenty of Youtube videos with step-by-step instructions.

If you opt for the shiplap (our personal favorite), you’ll need to know your way around an electric saw. We have a few practical rental options at DIY Rental to help you complete your project with ease. 

A Sliding Farmhouse Door is the Look Your Dining Room Needs

This rustic look has taken over Instagram the past couple of years. While an open floorplan is certainly the goal, it’s always nice to segregate the elegant dining room from the messy kitchen during big holiday meals. 

Farmhouse doors are a high style look with a surprisingly low price tag. We recommend this project for people with a firm knowledge of carpentry. Along with stain, pine boards and a barn door hardware kit, you’ll need some serious tools. An angle grinder, router and rabbeting bit are all must-haves for this project. 

Spend Money on the Look, Not the Tools

There’s no reason you should spend hundreds of dollars on construction tools for a one-off project. That’s where DIY Rental comes in. Check out our wide selection of tool rentals for any project on your list. Reach out to our team here with any questions.