Breathing new life into your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Homeowners all around Jacksonville turn to DIY projects to reinvigorate their indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are a few big and small favorites for some inspiration:

Backyard Gazebo

Some wood, the right tools and a construction plan will lead to a romantic, relaxing gazebo in no time. Keep it simple with a platform, bench seats and an arching roof.

Floating Shelves

Contemporary shelving is a simple way to create more storage in your home and improve the room’s appearance. Natural wood, white and black are the most common color choices for floating shelves. Check out Youtube for a video tutorial then get to work.

Outdoor Fire Pit

We love fire pits for their looks and utility. Creating your own fire pit involves selecting the perfect stones, seating and size. This is a great DIY project the kids and adults will all love.

Fully Functional Wine Rack

What many homes in Jacksonville lack in size they make up for in beauty. If you live anywhere near the beach, you likely understand the struggle of little storage. Use wood from your local hardware store to build a wine rack to store anywhere from seven to 70 wine bottles.

Carved Corbels Under the Bar Counter

Whether you like the look of a Victorian-era patina or contemporary clean lines, triangular corbels are a great addition to any kitchen. Use wood, stain and high-quality tools to create the design you love at a low cost.

Convert a Closet into a Working Office

This is one project that makes a statement yet requires little effort. Take the door off its hinges and swap the hanging rods and hooks for sturdy shelves. The bottom shelf should be deep enough to serve as the desktop and the two above should be shallower.

Get Started on Your DIY Home Renovation Today

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