Spring cleaning is so much more than scrubbing toilets and flipping mattresses. Most people neglect the most important aspect — cleaning up the yard to boost your home’s curb appeal. While your neighbors certainly won’t look in your toilet anytime soon, they will look over to your front yard and porch.

The maintenance experts here at DIY Rental compiled a list of our best advice for getting your yard in tip-top shape. Take a look at our favorite ways to simplify the spring cleaning process.

Simple Ways to Straighten Up Your Yard this Season

1. Make Sure Your Maintenance Equipment is Ready for Use

Who knows the last time you put that lawn mower or weed wacker to use! The week prior to your family cleaning day, remove dirty oil and replace old spark plugs. Take it a few steps further and lubricate the mower wheels, professionally sharpen the blades and disinfect the seat and handles.

Equipment maintenance is time-consuming. A great way to save yourself a few hours of work and thousands of dollars on new yard tools is to simply rent them. From lawn mowers to hedge trimmers, DIY Rental is your go-to for affordable tool rentals.

2. Survey the Area and Identify Spots in Need of TLC

Every time your dog pops a squat or your little kids run through the yard, your grass and landscaping feel the impact. Find dead spots in the grass that require soil and fertilizer. After treating troubled areas, pamper them over the next few weeks with water and minimal foot traffic.

Take a look at your front porch and fence for stained or chipped paint. Look at your home with fresh eyes to identify outdoor areas that need a revamp. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is the best thing you can do for your home.

3. Spruce Up Your Plants, Flowers and Outdoor Decor

Spring cleaning is a great time to get realistic about failed landscaping. Pruning trees, plants and shrubbery is your next spring cleaning step. Be sure to select new plants and flowers that successfully grow in your area.

Examine outdoor benches, decorations and flower pots to find any damaged goods. Replace broken items with something fun and new.

Equip Your Family With the Tools You Need to Succeed

Streamline your spring cleaning with top-quality yard maintenance tools. Thanks to modern advances, cleaning your yard doesn’t have to take the whole weekend!
Take a look at our extensive inventory of maintenance tools for any home project on your radar. Reach our to our DIY Rental team with any questions you have.