It’s time to get down and dirty again to prepare your home for a busy summer! From house guests to birthday parties, there’s no doubt you’ll want your home to look its best going into the busy season.

Contrary to popular belief, spring cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a burden. Equipment rentals to clean yards and floors minimize the stress of heavy-duty cleaning. Take a look at our top tips for keeping your spring cleaning pain-free this year:

Make a To-Do List and Assign to Family Members

Basically a chore chart for the whole family. Certain aspects of the home get neglected every year during spring cleaning. If you separate the tasks into a list for the interior and a list for the exterior, it’s far easier to stay on track.


  • Dust crown molding and baseboards
  • Wash marks off doors and walls
  • Vacuum and clean furniture (don’t forget to clean crumbs from underneath the couch cushions!)
  • Vacuum lampshades
  • Vacuum and mop all tile and hardwood floors
  • Vacuum and steam all carpeting
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector
  • Chain the air filter
  • Shake out rugs and vacuum
  • Polish wood furniture
  • Clean and organizer the refrigerator and cabinets
  • Replace the water filter in your refrigerator
  • Freshen and disinfect the garbage disposal
  • Get rid of unnecessary cups
  • Clean and disinfect all small appliances
  • Clean the oven
  • Disinfect light switches and door knobs
  • Remove soap scum from the shower glass and disinfect tub surface
  • Scrub grout lines
  • Declutter underneath your bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Dust and clean ceiling fans
  • Disinfect remote controls and video game consols
  • Donate unwanted clothing items and dust closet
  • Wash bedsheets
  • Clean underneath your bed


  • Sweep and power wash your deck
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Clean grill and smoker
  • Trim trees and shrubbery
  • Shake out entryway mat
  • Clean outdoor light fixtures
  • Clean out the garage and donate unwanted items
  • Disinfect all trashcans
  • Replace broken bricks or stepping stones
  • Clean door frames and disinfect door knobs

Keep it Simple With Professional Cleaning Tools

Avoid overworking yourself and your family and make a small investment in cleaning tool rentals. From carpet steamers to lawn mowers, there’s no need to drop the big bucks on equipment when rentals are simply a phone call away.

Reach out to DIY Rental for all of your spring cleaning equipment needs in the Jacksonville Area. We look forward to hearing from you!