So, you’ve opened up your house for the holidays. That has to rank pretty high on Santa’s nice-o-meter, right? Of course, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you agreed to host Christmas. Dealing with the disastrous aftermath of a once pristine house will be worth it as long as you’ve made some great memories with friends and family. However, there are measures you can take to make the holiday season run a lot smoother. Think of it this way: Your house is a massive machine with a lot of moving parts. These moving parts are going to be put to the test, so make sure they are well-oiled and in full functioning order. Here’s our list of ways you can get your house in tip-top shape for the holidays.


Safety-Proof Your House


A great way to start your preparations is by safety-proofing your house. While this may seem a little extra, nothing puts more of a damper on a spontaneous Christmas music dance party than Aunt Lisa slipping on the floor and breaking a vase. It’s easy to take correct precautions so your night never has to get to that point. Remove all unnecessary clutter, and hide away anything that might fall and break. If your rooms are a little heavy on furniture, rearrange or take furniture out to open up space. Take chairs out of other rooms and put them in your living room if you need more seating. Put rugs in slippery spaces to prevent a nasty fall.


Tighten the Nuts and Bolts


When we tell you to tighten the nuts and bolts, we really mean take a walk through your house and tighten any loose nuts or bolts. Whether it’s your cabinets, doors, light fixtures, or even toilets, make sure they’re secure enough to stand up to the workout they’ll get during the holiday season. Take a couple hours out of a day to walk through the house with a pen and paper and scan for anything that may need some tuning before your guests arrive. You might be surprised by what you’ll find.


Prep Your Kitchen the Right Way


You could call your kitchen the control room of the house during the holidays. It energizes the household and keeps the party going with each delicious holiday dish that comes out of it. Needless to say, a functional kitchen is non-negotiable. That being said, some aspects of your kitchen are more crucial to prepare, and some you might not have to worry about at all. You’ll definitely want to give your microwave a thorough cleaning. Whether it’s coffee, leftovers or whatever else, make sure your microwave is free of any mess. Your oven, on the other hand, is a lot more fragile to deep clean. You’ll want to make sure your oven is in full working condition, but save the deep clean for when your guests leave.


Hopefully, these fast projects will save you from unnecessary hassle, so you can focus on enjoying the holidays!