You’ve taken the cobwebs down, you’ve thrown away the pumpkins and now you’re left with a naked house in the middle of November. You have a blank canvas. You are the artist and your objective is to transform the exterior of your house into an elaborate piece of holiday eye candy. It’s a tall order to have a yard that stands out during the holidays, and believe it or not, many homeowners commit the same holiday landscaping fashion faux pas over and over again. We’re here to help, so let us guide you through the essentials:



Poinsettias are the essential holiday flower. The bright red petals stand out beautifully and contrast well with other plants, especially green ones. A lot of people think they need to get rid of their summer plants before winter, but that’s simply not the case. The poinsettias will steal the spotlight and the other plants will blend right in. Another pro to poinsettias is that Florida weather is particularly kind to these guys, so you’ll barely have to do any work to maintain them.


The RIGHT Wreath

Your front door is the centerpiece of your outdoor holiday decor and the focal point of your landscaping. Everything you do should be in an effort to highlight the entrance of your home. What better way to highlight your front door than to hang a beautiful, eye-catching wreath on it? While fake wreaths are cheap and durable, there’s nothing like a real pine wreath. The smell of the pine will be pleasantly overwhelming each time you step up to your door, and it will give you a real sense of the holiday experience. You can add fake red berries and pine cones to your wreath if you’re feeling creative. This kind of classic door decor never fails.


Highlight Your Yard’s Natural Beauty

Even if your summery Florida house is surrounded by palm trees, you can still make it feel like a winter wonderland. You don’t have to live in a log cabin surrounded by pine trees and snow to give off the jolly holiday vibe. The key is to utilize the natural beauty your yard has to offer. Pick out the trees that stand out most in your yard and cover them with lights. Whether you wrap the lights around the base of the tree or hang them from branch to branch, you can’t go wrong with this classic decoration.


Utilize Garland

Garland is the easiest decoration to implement for the holidays. It’s perfect for decorating the non-plant features in your yard. Your front door, mailbox, lamps and outdoor furniture are prime pieces to decorate with garland. Wrap your front porch with it and pair it with some lights for a dazzling look. You should be able to get garland cheap from any Christmas tree pop-up shops, as well as any home improvement stores.


This holiday season, get creative, and remember, the key to having a beautiful holiday landscape isn’t throwing a ton of money into your yard. It’s about highlighting the beauty your home naturally possesses and making the most out of it!