Remodels are a big undertaking, so when’s the best time to take the plunge? Well, there are many options when it comes to a remodel time frame. In Florida, we have to coordinate around hurricane and storm season and an abundance of heat. We’re in the thick of hurricane season and nearing the end. The end of November marks the end of potential harsh weather here in the sunshine state. We recommend avoiding hurricane season for renovations, a high volume of storm definitely delays work progress. Beyond hurricane season, here are our thoughts on beginning your renovations:


Cool Renos in Cool Months


Renovations are served best during the cool, dry months. You’ll be able to avoid dehydration and rest assured because you’ll avoid the rain that’ll delay your project. It’s a win-win if you ask us. We suggest late November through early March for your big renovation projects. Big projects call for big plans, so you need to make sure the forecast is rain-free. When your projects beat the rain you’re more likely to stay on track and on time for your estimated completion date.


Dry & Warmer Months


There’s a sweet spot during the year, in Florida, where the temperature rises and the rain still holds off. This happens between late March and early May. We suggest renovation projects that are lighter in manpower for this time frame. This is due to the increase in heat as we approach the summer. If this is a DIY project that calls for painting or building a bookshelf, Springtime is going to be your best option for project start dates.


Wet Summer Months


Although it’s raining and dangerously hot, there are a few small projects that are good for staying inside where it’s dry and cool! You could start with a small kitchen facelift such as changing out the cabinet hardware. A new metal in the kitchen could be exactly what you need for a summer party. DIY decor is also perfect for this time of year. Whether it’s DIY floating shelves or DIY canvas art, staying indoors for a DIY decor day is a great way to spend your summer.


DIY projects are in season all year long. There are projects for the whole year depending on the weather conditions. Florida can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to weather patterns but we have the best DIY for any circumstance. Now, it’s time to get off the internet and get to work! Your DIY projects are definitely not going to do themselves. Happy project hunting!