We love a good DIY project just as much, if not more, than the next person. DIY is literally our name! Unfortunately, these projects can often cause bigger problems if they’re not done correctly. These are the kind of projects that you should leave up to the pros. You can handle hanging up the floating bookshelves, but let the professionals do the big stuff like knocking out walls or installing a new countertop.


DIY Projects You can Handle:

  • Replacing the kitchen hardware. While this may seem like a small project, it definitely has the same impact as large projects. The addition of new hardware is a minor kitchen remodel that requires little to no effort or expense. It gives your kitchen the face life it deserves.
  • Install shiplap for an accent wall. All this takes is a few minutes, some wood glue and nail guns. Adding beadboard to one side of the island gives an effortless detail that your guests will be raving about. A little effort and you’ll be on the fast lane to an updated feature wall.
  • Install a new sink faucet. Now that you have fresh hardware on your cabinets, you might as well install a new faucet while you’re at it! It’s a quick, easy installation that you’re more than prepared to handle on your own. Break out your handy wrench, follow the instructions that come with the faucet and you’ll be set with a jaw-dropping new sink feature.



DIY Projects For the Professionals:

  • Let the pros install your new cabinets. You’ve got the hardware for the cabinets covered, but let the professionals worry about ripping the cabinets down and properly installing level cabinets. This way, no drywall is damaged in the making of the remodel. Good news for you and your wallet.
  • Professionals should knock out any walls. If an open floorplan is what you want, hiring the pros is what you’ve gotta do. You may be dreaming of knocking out the majority of the walls in your home, but there’s probably a load bearing wall in there somewhere. This could be extremely costly if not done by a professional. So, put the sledge hammer down and let the pros do their thing.
  • Get professional help for any plumbing work. You might be qualified to install a new faucet, but let the experts handle the pipes. Putting a sink into your new island sounds like a dream, but it’s definitely not a very dreamy process. In order to get plumbing over to the desired island location, you’ll need to step back and call an expert to get it done. Then, if you’d like, it’s your turn to pop in and install the faucet and take care of finishing touches!



Home improvement comes in many forms, whether it’s a whole kitchen reno or a simple redesign of new throw pillows in the living room and new hardware on the kitchen cabinets. We love the idea of keeping things up to date and fresh in your home, but be sure that you only sign up for DIY projects you can handle. If you’re not sure if you can handle a project or not, chances are that you need professional help. It’s easier on you now and in the long run because you won’t have to fix any rookie mistakes. Stick to the projects within your wheelhouse, and we’ll handle heavy lifting projects.