Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors and relaxing with people you love. Your house has the potential to have everything and more that a “hangout house” needs. There are a few key elements to prepping your house for everyone to feel comfortable and want to stay awhile. We’re going to let you in on our favorite secrets to making your house the go-to spot for the summer.

  • Bring the Indoors, Out!

    If you’re goal is to make your home the hangout spot, it’s a good idea to bring the comfort of the inside of your house into your backyard or patio. This calls for comfy couches, ottomans and coffee tables. This may sound like the ingredients for a living room, and you’re right! That’s exactly how your patio should feel…like a living room. A patio without seating and a place to rest your drink is like a bed without pillows. Keep your backyard lively and have areas for your guests to relax and have fun.

  • Chillin’ & Grillin’

    Every good party has tasty food. Period. Whenever you have people over this summer, make sure all of your guests have yummy snacks and drinks. We believe this calls for an awesome outdoor kitchen or an outdoor barbeque/fire pit area. Serve your guests beer (or soda, depending on the group!) and some homemade barbeque and no one will want to leave! Outdoor kitchens have all the perks of a normal kitchen plus the Florida sunshine and coastal breezes. There’s just nothing better.

  • Water Features

    An obvious Florida hangout spot is the pool! It’s so refreshing and helps keep the summer heat under control. Although the pool seems ideal, it can definitely be expensive. You may want to consider implementing an alternative water feature in your backyard. Water features will enhance your backyard such as a fountain or a waterfall. The water will attract your guests and make an awesome backdrop for an evening friends, food and fun!

  • Outdoor Games

    Who doesn’t love tailgating games? Cornhole, bocce ball, giant jenga…the list goes on. Your guests will feel right at home with some fun and interactive games. Get the conversations flowing and the competition growing by providing a few games for your guests to enjoy. Gaming is a major crowd pleaser and it’ll keep your celebration ballin’, get it?


Summer is for good company and good parties. You can have it all at your own house by setting up your backyard design correctly. With these helpful tips, you can’t go wrong. Start the backyard renovations and send out the invitations because your yard will be ready to host your friends and family in no time. Enjoy this summer and your awesome hangout spot!