Gardening in Florida during the summer…that’s a tough task! Lucky for you, we’re here to give you some helpful tips. Don’t let the summer heat rob you of a gorgeous and healthy garden. Keep your yard lively this summer with best garden on the block.


Plant Seasonal Flowers

It’s crucial to plant flowers that’ll flourish in this Florida heat when putting together your garden for the summer. Not all flowers are designed to respond well to the extreme heat we experience each summer. Some flowers that thrive in the summer heat include sunflowers, lilies, hibiscus and peonies. These beautiful flowers will certainly be a show-stopper!


Early Weed Prevention

We all know weeds are not pretty by any means. Make sure your garden starts off weed-free and remains that way. This will contribute to the garden’s overall health and beauty. Keep your garden healthy and gorgeous.


Fertilize Appropriately

Fertilizer is the key ingredient to a blooming garden. Nutrients is vital, especially in the harsh conditions of summer. Be sure to help your plants grow by fertilizing them with the appropriate type of fertilize.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Plants only need three things to survive: sun, soil and WATER. Just like we need extra hydration during the hotter months, so do plants. Although, there’s a fine balance between enough hydration for plants to survive and over-watering plants. You don’t want to drown them! Keep your plants cool and enjoy watching them grow!


Add Mulch

Mulch is an effective, simple way to lock in moisture and suppress weeds in your flower beds. It’ll keep the heat from evaporating any moisture that’s necessary to feed your plants. It’ll look awesome and will block the growth of weeds to keep your garden looking healthy and lively.


Plant Summer Veggies

Who doesn’t love seasonal veggies? Yum! Planting your own vegetables is such an awesome way to be “farm to table.” In this case, it’s your own backyard to your table, which makes for a great meal and great conversation. Some summer seasonal veggies include cucumbers, jalapeno peppers and radishes. A helpful hint to planting vegetables is to cover the seeds with row covers until they peek out of the soil to prevent seeds from blowing away in the wind and birds from stealing your seeds.


Plant Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Fruit tastes extra refreshing during the summer months but only a few grow and are the most ripe during this time of year. The best summer fruits are pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, apricots and cherries. Another great summer fruit is avocado. Shocking, we know, but they’re indeed a fruit. What’s better than a delicious summer salad with avocado on a warm summer day? We’re still looking for an answer.


Stake Tall Plants

If you can grow tall plants you can do anything, right? Tall plants are absolutely gorgeous and give your garden dimension. In order to grow plants as tall as possible, be sure to stake them. “We all need somebody to lean on,” goes for plants too! A stake is sure to support your tall plants and ultimately support your garden.


Go Wild

A more interesting approach to seasonal gardening is to look into what types of wild flowers grow best in your area. Blue Sage and Butterweed are among some of the popular wildflowers in Northeast Florida this time of year. Planting wildflowers may not sound like the normal thing to do, but these plants will have an easier time growing in your garden. Plus, their color will really stand out in your garden!


Bird Bath Maintenance

Bird baths are a beautiful addition to any garden. This is an easy way to welcome birds into your yard and bring energy to your garden! With the arrival of birds, comes the need for some cleaning. This needs to be done weekly in order to have a clean and fresh beautiful bird bath to adorn your garden.


These simple tips will guarantee a summer garden worthy of Instagram. This is an awesome DIY project, but if you find yourself not equipped enough for the job, look into renting tools. For the best rental company in Jacksonville, DIY Construction Rental is the way to go.