Spring is quickly approaching and you know what that means… It’s time for a little spring cleaning! It’s time to get to work on the projects you’ve been postponing, but wouldn’t it be nice to still find the time to enjoy the lovely weather? Here are just a few ideas for sprucing up your cleaning this season:


Flooring Facelift

There are countless ways to spruce up the inside of your home, but we recommend blocking out a good amount of time during spring cleaning to revive your floors. Your carpet should be steamed every 12-18 months, depending on the foot traffic in your home. Why pay someone to do something you’re totally capable of? Renting a carpet steamer is a cost efficient way to restore your carpet to its prime condition. If you’re a wood floor owner, consider the last time you buffed and polished your floor. You can reestablish your floor’s beauty with DIY Rental’s floor sander/polisher/buffer.


Exterior Home

When you have visitors over, the first thing they notice is the exterior of your house. If you can’t remember the last time you pressure washed your driveway, it’s probably been too long! Take things into your own hands this year. Pressure washing can easily be done on your own with the help of DIY Rental’s awesome selection of pressure washers.


Garden and Lawn

Healthy, beautiful grass doesn’t just happen. Keep your grass looking its best this season by fertilizing your lawn. Keep your grass green all summer by ensuring your fertilizer is spread evenly. Be careful not to apply too much as you don’t want to mow your yard every other day! Guarantee you’re applying the perfect amount of fertilizer with DIY Rental’s fertilizer spreader.


Are your hedges or bushes looking a little shabby after a long winter? There’s no better way to ring in spring than with freshly trimmed hedges. This is sure to bring a clean cut look to your home. If this project sounds up your alley, consider getting it done before spring is fully here. Think about it, this won’t be a fun undertaking in Florida’s blazing heat! DIY Rental has everything from weed eaters to hedge trimmers to help get the job done.


Everyone has a list of home projects they’ve been dying to start, and now’s the time. Conquer spring cleaning this year with the help of DIY Rental. For all your landscape and irrigation equipment in Jacksonville, DIY Rental has everything you need to get the job done quickly and safely. Call or email us with any questions or ideas. We’re more than happy to help you tackle any project, big or small.