Did you know your wallpaper can be used for way more than just walls? It’s an extremely versatile material. It all comes down to the imagination and having the right tools. We at DIY Rental understand the importance of quality tools for projects. Our DIY equipment rental options allow you to do some fantastic things with material like wallpaper. It is time to get those creative juices flowing and let the imagination run wild!


Lamp Shade

Have you ever thought about creating a lampshade out of wallpaper? Leftover wallpaper can be used to make a shade look like it was purchased from a high-end retailer. With tools such as paste, a brush and roller you can apply the wallpaper and mold it to form that perfect shade shape.


A Work of Art

Have you ever seen wallpaper that looks great, but the pattern is too busy to be on an entire wall? Here’s an idea: take that wallpaper and turn it into art. Get a blank canvas or several and cover them in the wallpaper. Use the tools we have available from our DIY equipment rental inventory for easy application. Once done, hang them on the wall and enjoy the newly created art!


Covering Aging Electronics

Do you have some aging electronics that you would like to give a facelift? How about an old radio? Wallpaper can be applied to just about any type of clean, dry, flat surface. Take something like an old television or radio and try covering it in unique wallpaper to freshen it up.


Drink Tray

Have an old drink tray that could use a little help? You know, the tray that holds snacks, remote controls and beverages while you watch television? Does it look like it has gotten worn down over years of use? Cover it with wallpaper to renew it and add a fresh piece to your home!


Flower Pots

Flower pots are another eligible candidate for wallpaper. You can dress up the flower pots for use indoors or out. You can get really creative and match the wallpaper to the color of flower planted in the pot. Go for a yellow wallpaper design and plant yellow flowers in the same pot.  The pop from this arrangement is will definitely spruce up your home.


Recycle it For Gifts

Don’t throw away your leftover wallpaper! You can also recycle wallpaper to use it to wrap gifts.  If you are heading into the holidays and have some extra lying around, use it to cover a present or two. Don’t be wasteful, save money wrapping gifts this year!

There’s thousands of creative ways you can use your leftover paper! It all comes down to creativity and having the proper tools. Next time you re-wallpaper your house, use DIY Rental’s Wall Paper Steamer to get that paper off the wall without the mess of chemical removers!  Our team at DIY Rental wants to help you unleash your imaginative mind. Think outside of the box and rent our tools to start your wallpaper project today!