It was years ago that wallpaper began to fall out of favor with homeowners directly.  People started to go with standard paint, bead board, as well as other types of wall coverings.  Things are changing though, and decorators are once again beginning to take to the patterns of wallpaper.  As a DIY equipment rental company, we are seeing more people than ever choosing to go with wallpaper, incorporating it into your home decor in new and fun ways.


Covering the Back of Cabinets

One of the more creative ways that we have seen wallpaper used is to cover up the back of your cabinets.  Whether you have cabinets that are open entirely or closed doors, doing the covering can give them that extra level of pop. Glass cabinet doors can also benefit from the wallpaper patterns as well.  The patterns that you choose can help to brighten up the cabinets and make the kitchen more likely overall.  Our DIY equipment rental company can help you with what you need to do the cuts and the installation.


Decorating a Door

Do you have an ugly door that you have always wanted to replace to try to dress up some living space?  Instead of replacing the door, why not try to use wallpaper to give it a bit more pop and decor?  The door decoration process can be as simple as finding the right wallpaper pattern that is going to allow the door to meld perfectly with the rest of the style of the space.


Treat it Like a Painting.

Want to decorate behind your bed?  Try to build a frame for the wallpaper with some trim or wood.  Then, inside of the frame, put up the wallpaper.  This can make the wallpaper look like a painting!  The designs of wallpaper are great for this as it allows you to cover a large piece of the wall with relative ease.  If you do not have a headboard for your bed, for example, this is a great way to cover up that space with some decor.


Creating a New Backsplash

The backsplash of your kitchen is another area that can always use more decor.  Treat your backsplash like a piece of artwork with creative uses of the wallpaper.  There is a lot of different types of wallpaper that have patterns that can give your backsplash all sorts of looks.  Get creative and try to provide the backsplash with that much more pop with quality wallpaper covering.

Our DIY equipment rental professionals see wallpaper used in all sorts of creative ways.  You can use it to make something of a painting of types, decorate a door, create a backsplash, among many other unique tactics.  Get the most out of wallpaper.  It is back in style and should be taken advantage of!  As an inexpensive solution, when coupled with our equipment we have available for rent, using the wallpaper is beneficial and easier than you think.