This year, more than others in recent memory, has been one for the history books when it comes to hurricane activity.  The level of storm clean-up being done by those living in the Caribbean and the southeastern part of the United States is just astonishing.  Storms have done quite a number on the residences of millions of people, leaving them with clean-up work that may appear endless.  As with most projects, the tools you have at your disposal can determine the difficulty of the task at hand.  When it comes to clean-up tools, we have construction tool rental Jacksonville solutions for you to assist.


Hand and Chainsaws

One of the most common results of a severe hurricane is downed trees.  Even if it is not full-blown trees that have been taken down, at least limbs have fallen.  It can be quite difficult to clean these up as they can be large and rather heavy. Having hand and chainsaws you can rely on is pivotal in this regard.  A world of a difference can be made when you have a chainsaw that you can use to cut a tree up into much smaller and manageable chunks.  Removing the tree becomes much less labor intensive and daunting.


Safety Tools

You also want to be sure you are practicing safety when you are talking about hurricane clean-up.  Having proper safety equipment to protect your eyes, head and the rest of your body is as important as ever.  There has been enough damage done by hurricanes, don’t let more damage be caused as a result of carelessness!


Bobcats for Heavy Lifting

A bobcat can also be rented by our company at DIY Rental.  This is a quality construction tool rental Jacksonville solution that can be great for all of that heavy lifting that needs to take place with hurricane cleanup.  You may have had parts of a roof removed or windows heavily damaged. You can create a debris pile and remove it with ease with the assistance of a bobcat.  Why do it by hand when you can effectively have one of these to carry out the job?


Rigging and Climbing Tools

Tools that help you with climbing are also a must.  You need to make sure you have a proper ladder to inspect areas where you think the damage may have been caused.  If you have to climb trees, make sure the rigging equipment you use will keep you safe and protected from falls.

A lot can be done from a hurricane cleanup perspective when you have the right tools and equipment.  Our team at DIY Rental has the construction tool rentals Jacksonville homeowners need in a pinch!  Cut down on that clean-up time and start to get your home, your neighborhood and your world back to where it was before these terrible storms struck.  The time to act is now, and we are here with the tools to make it a bit easier.