The next time you are in your kitchen, take a look around.  How many areas of your kitchen look as though they need to be renovated?  You do not need to hire a kitchen remodeling company to do much of the renovation work you would like done.  Instead, what you need is a little motivation, as well as a quality DIY equipment rental resource, so you have the tools you need to assist in any job you take on.  Let us take a closer look at six affordable kitchen renovations that can make a big difference, without busting your budget.

Painting Cabinets

Your cabinets may look old and dated, but it is nothing that a little paint can’t fix.  You can do a lot with paint in a kitchen to make the cabinets look brand new again!  You could paint them one solid color, apply a wood stain to them, etc.  Our DIY equipment rental options present to you a great many tools you can use to assist in the painting practice.  This will include tools to help you sand down the cabinets and prepare them for proper painting.

Replacing Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets can be painted, but you can also replace the hardware of them quickly.  The hardware of the cabinets can be that final touch to help renew them, add a modern flair.  Replacing cabinet hardware can be quite simple with the right tools.  If the old screw holes line up with the new ones, you have no problem at all.  If not, it is going to take a bit of drill work to get the cabinets sized up for the new handles and hinges.

Installing a Backsplash

A backsplash may sound like a scary project to take on, but it can truly be a DIY effort when you do your homework. Read up on how you apply the tile backsplash online, how you make the cuts, what cement to use, grouting, etc.  A lot of research can be found by hopping on Google and watching some videos on YouTube as well.  We have the tools you need to help with this DIY-worthy effort that can make a massive difference in the home.

Switching Out Sink Fixtures

Do you have a very old faucet that you have been dying to replace?  Why don’t you do it?  This is not a job you need a plumber for when you have the right tools and a bit of knowledge regarding where water shutoffs are and such.  This can help make a sink and faucet area look brand new again.

Time for a Tile Floor

Similar to the backsplash, you can also install a tile floor just as quickly!  This one is going to take a bit more preparation work.  We can help you with tools to assist in the tearing up of the old floor and getting the subfloor set to go!

Swapping Out Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights do not require an electrician to replace when you have the proper tools and do a little looking up and questioning on your own.  Shut off the circuit breaker, take your time, and you can swap out ceiling lights as an easy renovation effort in the kitchen space.

You do not need a remodeling company to improve the look of your kitchen.  Our team at DIY Rental has the tools necessary, so you can rent and execute any job you want to be done.  Check out the six affordable tasks we laid out above and work with us to explore our DIY equipment rental options available.  Start your kitchen renovation on your own, today!