Do you remember that old carpet you used to have in your home that probably had some not-so-great stains?  Did you forget about the rip you had in the corner of the room?  We replace carpets in our home because naturally, they get worn down over time.  If you do not care for the new carpet correctly, it’s only going to end up looking just like the old one did.  What are some techniques you can practice to care for your new carpet properly?  Our team of equipment rental Jacksonville FL professionals at DIY Rental is here to help with just that!

Protect the High-Traffic Spots

There are going to be areas of the new carpet that are going to be very high-traffic.  You may find these areas in a hallway or maybe in the center of the living room where people are always walking.  You may want to try to get some area rugs or even a runner for that hallway.  The protection that these types of things can provide to the carpet is tremendous.

Use Smart Cleaning Solutions

There are many different carpet cleaning solutions in the market.  Research these so you know you are utilizing something safe.  The powders you commonly see to clean carpets are one of the biggest things to avoid.  When you overuse these, they may leave some residue behind.  They work well to get rid of smells, but they may eliminate that new look of the carpet rather quickly.

Vacuum the Carpet

The vacuum is the best tool you can have to care for a new carpet.  You want to vacuum on a regular basis.  When you use the vacuum, you keep the carpet fresh by getting rid of dirt caked into the fibers.

In the event you do not have a quality vacuum or just want something with a bit more power, we are here to help. Our equipment rental Jacksonville FL team can get you set up with one of our many carpet cleaning solutions.

Deep Cleaning

One such solution we provide at DIY Rental is the ability to use a carpet cleaner.  This is like taking the carpet to the car wash without ever having to leave your home.  Rent one of these carpet cleaners from us and watch the tool go to work.  We will get you set up with all the knowledge necessary to operate it properly.  Eliminating dirt and grime in the carpet can be made possible with a deep clean. It’s recommended to deep clean your carpet every six to 12 months.

Carpet cleaning is something you should truly keep up with.  The new carpet you purchased is an actual investment and the team at DIY Rental wants to help you protect it!  Our equipment rental Jacksonville FL solutions are here to assist you in deep cleaning your carpet.  It is a matter of you following these tips and reaching out to us when the time comes to use our products.  We want to help you keep your new carpet looking fresh!