There is a lot that can be done inside of a home to make it feel like it is a bigger space truly.  We all struggle with space in our homes; it is probably one of the reasons why we are writing and reading an article such as this in the first place.  There are tricks, tips that can be followed to lead you down a path of DIY renovations that will result in making those small spaces feel that much larger.  With the assistance of our tool rental Jacksonville professionals, we can help you get what you need so that you can expand your home without doing any significant additions.

Making the most of the small spaces that you have is all about creativity.  You are a handy person, you know how to complete do it yourself renovation work, it is just a matter of knowing what work actually to do in the first place.  What are the steps that you should be taking?  What tools are you going to need to carry out those types of jobs?  How do you make a small space feel that much bigger?


Let the Light In

The first thing that you can do from a renovation perspective is to let the light inside of your home.  The sense of space that you have in a room is not a result of how big room is, but a matter of how light is allowed to travel through it.  Try and renovate the room by moving furniture, replacing curtain rods, blinds, all with the intent of allowing more light into the living space. This is a very quick and easy way to male a small space feel that much bigger.


Light Dimmers

What type of light switches do you have inside of your home?  You can renovate the home and play with light even further by adding dimmers on all of the lights.  Depending on the time of the day that it is, as well as the occasion, this can be an excellent way to really drive home that cozy feeling that the house should present and make it feel larger than it is.


Mirror Work

Mirrors are another great way to make space feel that much larger.  They make walls look like they never end as the eyes just travel through the mirror.  When you couple this with ample light in the room, you are going to be in great shape to making it seem like it has that added square footage.  Our tool rental Jacksonville professionals can help you with tools to easily hang mirrors where needed.


Dark Floors

The floors of your home are something that you may be qualified to renovate.  Think about replacing the aging floors you have with laminate, hardwood, or some other type of material. When you do this, opt to go with dark floors.  The darker floors are going to give the impression that they are vanishing underneath as you enter a space.  When partnered with brighter walls this makes for a winning combination.


Bang Down Walls

You can also open up the space of a home by knocking down walls that just do not need to be there. Even if you do not want to go the extra mile and take a whole wall down, think about at least removing some of the doors that separate one room to the next. When you can have a home that is the more open concept, it is going to have the appearance of being much larger across the board.

There is a lot that you can do with the help of some creativity and our tool rental Jacksonville professionals.  You can opt to go for some quick and easy renovation tips to expand the space of your home, such as letting light in, installing dimmers.  Taking things up a notch is going to have you replacing flooring or even knocking down walls which are just not necessary to the living quarters.  Think through all of these options, see what you believe you are capable of, and then take action to help make the small space your home has appeared much larger.