There are so many different assets that you have in your home that is going to start to show their age as the years go on.  This includes things such as the furniture that you own, such as couches, tables, and chairs.  It is also going to include the rugs in the home, as they are certainly going to take quite a beating as the time passes by.  Think about some of the rooms in your home that get the most foot traffic.  If you have hardwood or tile flooring, keeping these clean is not that difficult.  When you are dealing with aging carpets, though, tool rentals may have to be called in to assist with the cleaning of them.  

A lot can be accomplished with tool rentals that we have available at DIY Rental in the Jacksonville, FL area.  We have all sorts of carpet focused products that are going to allow you to hit the ground running, get those carpets cleaned and rejuvenated, and have them looking as new again as possible.  Carpets may take lots of foot traffic over the years, but that does not mean that there is nothing that you can do to rectify the problem.


The Reason for Renting

One of the questions that many homeowners have for us is why exactly they should seek out tool rentals rather than heading out to a retailer and buying the equipment.  It all comes down to the frequency that you will use the equipment, the cost of ownership, as well as storage.  This equipment for carpet cleaning, whether it be a blower, steamer, or something else, is not cheap.  The cost to buy the equipment outright is going to outweigh far what it will cost to only rent it from us for the period that you truly do need it.

It is not just the cost either; it is about the maintenance, as well as the frequency you will use it, and the storage needs.  Equipment needs to be maintained and when you only plan on using this carpet cleaning equipment once every few years, why go through all of the hassle of finding a place to put it in your home, working to keep it maintained, and everything else that goes with full ownership?  We have tool rentals so they are on-demand and available to you when you need them.


Carpet Maintenance Equipment Available

The carpet maintenance equipment that we have available is all encompassing.  We have everything to assist you with the full cleaning and renovation of your carpet, or even the install of a new carpet should you want to take on that task in a do it yourself fashion.

For the cleaning and renovation of your carpet, we have a steamer, as well as a blower available to assist. The blower is going to be used when you run into instances where you may have had water damage and needed the carpet dried out thoroughly.  This can be perfect for this type of task.  The steamer is what is going to help you with that deep clean to get out stains that have been there for years and make the carpet look new overall.

For the installers out there that want to try and put down new carpet in the home, the carpet kicker and carpet stretcher are what you are going to want to be focused in on.  These two items can be used to help with the easy installation of a new carpet in the home.


On-Demand, When You Need It

We have all of the tool rentals that we advertise on our website available to you on-demand.  When you need these tools, it is just a matter of picking up the phone and giving us a call or only reaching out to us with an inquiry about them right through our site.  We strive to be as available as possible to our customers so that there is tiny waiting.  When you want to do a carpet cleaning and renovation project, we have the equipment ready and available to assist you with that, so there is no delay, and you can get right to it.

Carpet cleaning is something that is a worthwhile task to take on as a homeowner.  When you use carpet steamers and blowers to your advantage, you can help make a rug look as good as new again with minimal effort on your part.  We at DIY Rental want to help you get the equipment you need on-demand and at a fair rental price to make you do it yourself projects as efficient and effective as possible.