Concrete is one of the most useful building materials in the world and is utilized for so many different things.  Concrete is used to build buildings, foundations, stairs, as well as patios.  As a homeowner looking for that next do it yourself project, pouring a concrete patio in the backyard of your home is the type of project that you can certainly take on, pending you have access to the right materials and that is where ready mix concrete comes into play.

The struggle that so many of us have with concrete is that we do not know how to mix it properly.  We will use too much water, mix in too much sand, and just mess with the whole meshing of materials to such a degree that the project becomes much harder than it has to be.  Ready mix concrete takes all of these struggles out of the equation as it is pre-mixed and ready to be poured for that do it yourself patio you have been dreaming of doing.

Delivery or Haul Yourself

The two options that we offer at DIY Rental make it so that anyone has access to ready mix concrete should they need it.  You have the possibility for us to deliver the ready mix concrete right to your home. This allows you to have the concrete brought right to you at the exact time that you need it.  The delivery method is obviously going to be the easiest because all you have to do is allow us to get the truck there, deliver you the mixed concrete, and away you go with the pouring of your patio.

If you would rather save money on delivery costs, you also do have the option of hauling the ready mix concrete yourself.  This option is available and is a solid one pending that you have a truck or a vehicle that is equipped to handle the weight.  The fact that you have both options though means that nothing is preventing you from using the ready mix concrete at your home.

Calculate What You Need

You want to be sure that you are calculating the appropriate amount of concrete that you are going to need for your do it yourself patio project.  We have an online concrete calculator tool right on our website that can assist with this.  What you want to think about is not only the length and the width of the patio that you are going to be pouring, but the depth as well.

Let us look at the example of a patio that is going to be four inches regarding thickness.  What you want to do is to take the length, in feet, and multiply it by the width, also in feet.  Once you do this, divide it by the number 80.  This is going to give you the yards of concrete that you need.  A patio that is four inches thick and is a size of 10 x 10, for example, would require ten years of ready mix concrete.  A different way to look at it is that at a depth of four inches, one yard of ready mix concrete is going to cover around 80 square feet.

Buying By the Yard

Understanding that buying the ready mix concrete by the yard is the measurement that is used can help you in figuring out what your needs are.  You do not have to buy full yards either.  You have the ability to buy just one-quarter of a yard of concrete, or even one-half of a yard, and keep going in quarter-yard increments until you meet the needs that you have for the project.

The best thing for you to do is to dig out the patio area and then start doing your measurements.  If you dig a bit deeper than you envisioned you’ll be able to make those adjustments at that point so that you do not end up with too much or too little ready mix concrete.

A do it yourself patio is made easy by the ready mix concrete that we offer at DIY Rental.  We can help you with the calculation and get you set up with either a delivery of the concrete or the use of our haul away service.  When you are going to tackle a patio project on your own it is always best to have concrete that you know is mixed properly, will set up the way desired, and have the look and durability, in the end, you had in mind, and that is what ready mix concrete delivers.