vacuum cleaner on the floor showing house cleaning concept

One of the things that we all struggle with as homeowners is trying to maintain all of the assets that we have inside of our home and out.  We work so hard to try and ensure that the house is painted, that the windows are clean and well-maintained, that interior walls are crack-free and in good shape, and so on.  Think about something such as a carpet that you have in your living room.  Does it look anything like it did the first day that you bought it?  It can be a trying experience putting in the time and the effort to make that carpet continue to look and function great a few years down the line when compared to what it looked like the first day that you had it installed in that living room.  There are thankfully things that you can do though to help make that carpet look as good as new again.


We at DIY Rentals always work to try and help the do it yourself fans out there.  What it means to say do it yourself is that you take on a project on your own without the assistance or help of a professional coming out and doing the work for you.  This is something that can save you as a homeowner a lot of money.  One of the hurdles with this though is the fact that professionals usually have the equipment that is necessary to adequately do the work up to your standards.  You could get on your hands and knees all day and try and clean your carpet, but it may not look nearly as good as it could have looked if you had the right equipment to help you along the way.


Buying Equipment is Expensive


The big drawback of trying a do it yourself approach when it comes to carpet cleaning without the help of DIY Rentals is that the equipment can be quite expensive.  When you want to adequately clean a carpet you need a few things which are very important.  You need something that is going to give the carpet a truly deep clean.  A professional carpet cleaner, one that can really put in the soap and such that is necessary to get you the results you want, is going to cost you a good chunk of change if you were to go out to a retailer and make that purchase.  The same can be said for a commercial grade vacuum.  No matter how many times you run that vacuum over your carpet that you have in your closet, it is going to pale in comparison to what results you can have with a commercial grade vacuum.


These two pieces of equipment are going to cost you when you go out and purchase them outright.  By the time that you make these purchases you probably would have just been better off hiring someone to do the cleaning for you.  This is where DIY Rentals comes into play.  DIY rentals Jacksonville is all about allowing you to get access to this equipment essentially on-demand.  If you need the equipment for a four-hour window on a Thursday, we can make that happen for you.  You are only going to pay to rent the equipment for the period that you need it.  This is going to be a fraction of what the cost would have been if you went out and made these purchases on your own.


Start With the Deep Clean


Now that you have that equipment rented and you are all set up to clean your carpet like a professional, you want to start with a deep clean.  Talk to us at DIY Rentals before you take the equipment home.  We are going to be able to give you a bit of a lesson beforehand, some pointers so that you have a good understanding of what you should be doing to get the deep clean that you want.  We can also help you in figuring out what the right cleaning solution is going to be for your carpet.  This will vary based on how many stains that the carpet has and what type of shape it is in overall.


Vacuum Up Everything That Remains


Once the deep clean portion of the work has been done you can use a commercial grade vacuum to finish the job.  The work that a commercial grade vacuum can do for a rug is going to be truly impressive once you see it in action.  Again, we can work with you so that you do not feel as though you do not know how to work the vacuum before you bring it home.  Our knowledge should be such that even if you are a first time do it yourself attempter, you will feel confident when you get home and get started with the work.


Cleaning the Rug Safely


You also want to be sure that you are cleaning your rug in a safe manner.  When you have powerful commercial equipment, you run the risk that you could actually do more damage to your current rug than good.  This is where we at DIY Rentals Jacksonville really show our value.  When we say we are going to help you, we truly mean it.  This means giving you advice on using the equipment in a safe manner so that you do not do damage to your carpet or even yourself.  You need a firm understanding of the equipment that you have when you begin to put it to work.
Professional carpet cleaning is something that can be expensive for a homeowner to hire for.  It is also a do it yourself project that is within the reach of so many thanks to what we offer at DIY Rentals Jacksonville.  Reach out to us so that we can show you what is possible when you have the right equipment to give your rug the deep clean it needs.