Covered walkout patio with concrete floor and backyard view

Think about the way in which you work to try and make the most out of your home inside and out.  We are all limited by the space of the plots of land that we all own and live on.  We are not all fortunate enough to have acres of land at our disposal and this means that we need to maximize what we do with it so that we have enough indoor and outdoor living space.  One of the best ways told o this is by trying to get the most out of our home on the inside, but also try and create our own little oasis on the outside by capitalizing on the outdoor living space that we have available to us.


There are many homeowners in the Jacksonville, FL area that simply have tons of outdoor living space that is not being utilized.  When you look out into your backyard you are likely looking at grass and potential uninspired exterior design.  Think about what you could really do with all of that space if you knew how to use it properly and how to execute on those fantastic design ideas that you have to work towards.  One of the best ways to do this is by creating a backyard patio.


Design of the Patio


The first step here to creating a backyard patio to maximize your outdoor living space is to figure out the proper location of the patio itself.  You need to find a perfect spot for it so that the patio can deliver to you exactly what you are looking to get out of it.  This means likely having enough pace on the patio so that you can have a conversation set or at least a small table with chairs that you can sit around.  You may want to have enough area on the patio for a grill as well for all those times that you have people over for some burgers and such.


One of the easiest design options for a patio is to go with a standard concrete patio.  Even if you want stones for the patio, having a concrete base is absolutely pivotal.  No matter the approach you take, you need to have the right tools at your disposal as well as the proper material so that you can work on executing the design of this patio so that it can meet what you are expecting of it.


Start With the Proper Concrete Mix


There has been changes in the way that we buy concrete for a patio.  It was not too long ago that the preferred method was to buy concrete mix and sand, mix it all together to come up with a concrete substance that you could then pour for the patio.  Things have changed though and the new ready-mix concrete is here and making it much simpler, even if you are a novice at working with the material.


With a ready-mix concrete all you have told is to add water to the solution.  When you do this and do your mixing what you are going to end up with is the perfect concrete that does not need sand added to it or anything.  This is the easiest way to get concrete together so that you can have it to pour for your patio to enhance your outdoor space.


Assistance Mixing the Concrete Patio


One of the biggest difficulties with creating a concrete patio is trying to get all of the concrete mixed for it.  Even if you are pouring a relatively small patio, chances are you are still going to have to mix 20 or so bags of concrete.  In the event that you are trying to do this by hand, you are going to be in for a very tiring experience overall.  So what is the best way to get yourself assistance when you need to mix all of this concrete for your patio?


The best solution out there is to use a concrete or cement mixer.  When you get one of these you are basically going to have a powered mixer that is constantly going to be mixing the concrete as you pour it into the machine.  The way that a concrete mixer works is pretty simple.  It is a constantly spinning cylinder where you can pour in your concrete and your water.  As you do this the mixer is going to keep spinning and is going to eventually make the concrete out to that perfect texture that you are looking for.


The Cost of a Concrete Mixer


The biggest hurdle with using a concrete mixer is the initial cost of one of these things.  They are very expensive to just go to the store and try and buy on your own.  Also chances are you only are going to need the mixer just this one time.  Do you really want to go out and spend at a minimum $500 on a concrete mixer if you are just going to use it for one day and then be done with it?


The alternative to this is to rent the mixer from a tool rental company such as DIY Rental.  This tool rental company has the ability to set you up with a concrete mixer and any other tools that you need so that you can have your patio set up and ready in no time.  You’ll only pay for the tool rental for the time you need it, saving you big money on buying it outright.
Pouring a concrete patio for your Jacksonville, FL backyard is a very enjoyable project to take on.  With the assistance of a Jacksonville, FL tool rental company like DIY Rental, they can get you all set up with the concrete mixer you need and any other tools that may also be required.  Make the most out of your outdoor living space by creating the concrete patio of your dreams.