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Four Tips for Keep Your DIY Project on Track and within Budget

It is very easy for a DIY project to get out of hand regarding the budget, the track that it is on.  You enter a DIY project with an idea of what you want to accomplish, but the road to get there is not always straight, linear.  Instead, you will hit roadblocks along the way; […]

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How to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger with These DIY Renovation Tips

There is a lot that can be done inside of a home to make it feel like it is a bigger space truly.  We all struggle with space in our homes; it is probably one of the reasons why we are writing and reading an article such as this in the first place.  There are […]

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Tool Rentals That Can Help Rejuvenate the Aging Carpets in Your Home

There are so many different assets that you have in your home that is going to start to show their age as the years go on.  This includes things such as the furniture that you own, such as couches, tables, and chairs.  It is also going to include the rugs in the home, as they […]

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How Renting a Masonry Saw Can Help You With Your Next Tile Project

Doing any type of tile project in your home is going to require a lot of time, energy, and knowledge of the subject matter.  There are so many homeowners that think that it is very easy to take on a tile project in a do it yourself manner, but that is simply not the case. […]

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Do It Yourself Tool Rentals to Help You With Building a Fire Pit

We all want to make the absolute most out of our homes and taking advantage of the great outdoors is one of the ways to do just that.  Fire pits continue to gain a great deal of popularity among homeowners because they are a wonderful backyard centerpiece.  When you have a fire pit, you have […]

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Five Tools and How They Can Assist Various Do It Yourself Home Projects

There is a lot of equipment that is out there that can really help you with a lot of the do it yourself projects that you have dreams of completing.  The reality though is that many of these tools and equipment carry with them price tags that make them out of reach.  It does not […]

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Five Do It Yourself Projects Simplified With Quality Tool Rental Options

There are so many projects that are out there in the home improvement space that you as a homeowner have the ability to take on yourself.  These include everything from pouring a brand new cement patio to doing extensive landscaping, maybe knocking down a wall you do not need, and so on.  The reality though […]

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Four Reasons Why Renting a Bobcat Can Make Your New Patio Project Easier

One of the most common projects that homeowners try to take on themselves is that of laying or pouring a patio in the backyard of a home.  Patios are great as they help to maximize and make the most out of the outdoor living space that you have.  When you can add areas outside for […]

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Demolition Made Easy When You Rent the Proper Equipment

One of the most enjoyable projects that you will probably ever take on in your home or anywhere else that you are doing work is one that involved demolition.  The whole idea of just breaking something is always seen as fun in most cases.  Even thinking back to when you were a kid, it was always fun to build something up and then break it down.  The same can be said today when you have to do something such as knock down a wall, take down a series of cabinets, and so on.  Even though this is a do-it-yourself project that can be very enjoyable, it is also one that requires precision and requires a level of success that is going to make rebuilding that area that much easier.  This is when having the proper equipment really does come into play. […]

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Using Ready-Mix Concrete and Rental Equipment to Pour That Perfect Jacksonville, FL Patio

There are many do-it-yourself projects around your home that you probably have the capacity to do, but are just lacking two important pieces of the puzzle.  These two things include the right materials, and especially the right equipment.  Think about a project such as a brand new patio that you would love to pour in your backyard.  You probably know what you are doing and how to do it, especially if you read up online and do some research beforehand, but how do you go about all of the other requirements?  How do you figure out the correct amount of the concrete that you need?  How do you even get all of this concrete to your home?  On top of that, do you have the equipment that is needed to assist you in being able to work with the concrete and pour an actual patio?  These are all areas where we at DIY Rental come into play. […]

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