Whenever you think about a driveway, you probably think of asphalt. You picture a company getting its machines and rollers out to lay and flatten the asphalt. Why hasn’t driveway construction evolved over the years?

Concrete is changing driveway construction in a unique and attractive way. There are plenty of benefits of a concrete driveway including affordability and quality. Our team of tool rental Jacksonville professionals at DIY Rental work to make it all possible. If you want to reconstruct your driveway with concrete, we want to help you carry out the project with tools, advice, and everything you may need.


Affordability is one of the biggest perks when it comes to using concrete for your driveway.  Material cost will impact whether or not you can even repave your driveway in many instances.  Asphalt is expensive. Anyone who has ever done their driveway in asphalt has seen the amazingly high quotes that come in. The initial sticker shock is scary, to say the least. With concrete, the material is much less expensive.

Concrete has very competitive initial costs, usually making it the most accessible option for many homeowners. When you are considering reconstructing your driveway, concrete is one of the cheapest and reliable material solutions. We can help with mixer rentals from our tool rental Jacksonville inventory so you can even tackle it on your own.

Quality and Durability

Quality and durability go hand in hand. When you have concrete, you get both. Your driveway can really make an impression because it can assist with your home’s curb appeal. Concrete driveways are built to last and they can last even longer than the house itself.

Concrete is a material that is known for its quality and durability.  It is still going to look great day in and day out no matter the abuse it takes. It’s far more durable than the typical asphalt solution that homeowners go with.


The decorative nature of concrete is also impressive. It’s going to open up a world of possibilities for you as a homeowner. If you want to go with concrete that is going to be a particular color, that can be achieved. The days of only being able to have a black driveway are long gone. Any color, pattern or texture can be made with concrete.  They can be printed in one area and then duplicated across the entire driveway.  You can get incredibly creative with the way in which you work the various patterns and colors to complement your home.

With driveway options, concrete is a top notch material and a great choice. The colors, patterns and other decorative touches that you can get with concrete are unmatched. On top of that, you are working with a material that is of the highest level of quality and durability. Throw in the fact that it is extremely affordable and you can see why so many homeowners go in this direction.  We can help you with our tool rental Jacksonville inventory to get you everything you need to construct your driveway in concrete today!